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The best bars & restaurants in Folsom, NJ

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Annata Wine Bar

216 Bellevue Ave, Hammonton, NJ

The top choice for an elegant evening out in the Folsom area with AC Limousine is Annata Wine Bar. This is one of the pricier options but that's a given when you are looking for something really special and memorable, and they definitely deliver in both categories. The wine selection is nothing short of mind blowing, and if you're there during the holidays, be sure and take a look at their holiday-themed cocktail menu. There are always some inspiring alcoholic creations listed there! Yummy! Our top recommendations here are the pancetta-wrapped pork tenderloin, the lobster macaroni and cheese, and of course the Chilean sea bass!

Henri's "Hotts" Barbeque

1003 Black Horse Pike, Hammonton, NJ

That famous barbecue joint in the Folsom area is Henri's "Hotts" Barbeque, and no one can ever resist stopping in for lunch when they are out here with AC Limousine! They have the most wonderful barbecued treats that you'll ever taste here, all fall-off-the-bone good! The sweetness of their barbecue sauce is just heavenly and we love that even the collard greens have a hint of sweet. A very smart lunch option is the pulled pork sandwich, and for dinner we just love the brisket and pork combo platter. Amazing fried filet whiting here to! They do have outdoor seating but there is no alcohol here. That's the only downside!

Fiesta Mexicana

327 12th St, Hammonton, NJ

Fiesta Mexicana is probably our favorite Mexican restaurant in the Folsom area, and we can tell by the number of requests for it that it's very popular with our AC Limousine customers too. We like the fact that it's so homey and comfortable here, and that the prices are equally comfortable! The chips with salsa verde are a must-have and we've got to recommend the amazing Aztec soup to you! Mmm. The vegetarian trio is very nice as well, whether you're vegetarian or not! For dessert, you cannot overlook that mouth watering flan napolitano! There's a full bar here for your complete enjoyment. Have a nice cocktail with your meal de Mexico!

Maplewood Inn

470 S White Horse Pike, Hammonton, NJ

Maplewood Inn represents the best of Italian fare in the Folsom area, and it's a top destination for AC Limousine customers too. This is a really busy spot and you'll want to arrive plenty early, especially if you are coming in on the weekends! It's worth any wait. The homemade pasta will just blow your mind. True quality that you thought you couldn't find anymore. Very old school. Definitely try a bite of the eggplant parmesan and dig into some of that veal parmigiana too. Mmm. Just amazing gravy. You won't believe it. The people who work here are the nicest that you'll ever meet and they really take great care of you while you're dining.

Rocco's Town House

21 N 3rd St, Hammonton, NJ

Rocco's Town House is a fantastic little pub and burger joint that you will definitely want to visit next time you're out this way with us. The ambiance is about as comfortable as it can get, very classy and cool, and you'll be so cozy while you dine on all your favorite pub fare! The sandwiches and burgers are standout items here, with the chicken sandwich being our go-to item and the bull's eye burger being our other addiction! Mmm. Love them both. They've got a good number of televisions here and even free wi-fi, and the happy hour prices are sure to keep a smile on your face. Nowhere to dance and no outdoor seating, but those are the only things we can complain about!

Zip codes in the Folsom area include: 08037