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The best bars & restaurants in Corbin City, NJ

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1 Atlantic Ocean, Atlantic City, NJ

Continental is without a doubt one of the most popular tapas bars and breakfast/brunch spots in the Corbin City area. Our AC Limousine customers who are celebrating wedding anniversaries always comment on how romantic the fire pit area is. They've got a lot of space here for your larger groups too, and it's not terribly expensive, yet it's so beautiful and comfortable. The chicken buffalo meatballs are a must-have here and we love the Philly cheesesteak egg rolls too. The shoestring fries with spicy honey mustard are also a must-have. All of the steak, pork, and seafood dishes are just unbelievably delicious. Incredible desserts too!

L's Restaurant

119 Rte 50, Corbin City, NJ

L's Restaurant is one of the best places to enjoy in the Corbin City area, really comfortable and inviting with great food served consistently. The stuffed meatloaf is one of the most unique and delicious items on the menu and it definitely falls into the category of comfort food! Mmm. The Philly cheesesteak sandwiches are superb too, and we love the clams casino. The Tuscany chicken sandwich is a favorite for lunch and we just love the vegetarian risotto. The desserts are mind blowing here too, so be sure and save room! They do have televisions here in case you need to keep an eye on the game. Nice! Superb service as well.

The Iron Room

648 N Albany Ave, Atlantic City, NJ

The Iron Room is an American restaurant, cocktail bar, and tapas restaurant where we think you'll really enjoy yourself during your AC Limousine trip in the Corbin City area. They handle our larger groups with so much ease, and yet it's also a wonderful place for smaller groups and more intimate dates. The Korean hanger steak with Brussels sprouts? Too good to believe. The udon mac and cheese? That's worthy of an "OMG." And the cheese board? Well, needless to say, that's going to inspire you to peruse the wine list, and that's a pairing that's just made in heaven. Superb sommelier here too, so you don't need to know your way around the wine world! Nice.

Buck Tavern

621 Route 50, Corbin City, NJ

Buck Tavern is a great place if you love barbecue and comfort food in a rustic atmosphere. The tavern ambiance is just too perfect. Wood accents everywhere and just the most cozy feeling around. Their tag line is "food, friends, and spirits," and we couldn't have written it better ourselves. They are perhaps best known for their comfort food, including mac and cheese, burgers, and pulled pork. Mmm. Needless to say, there is a full bar here, so your AC Limousine group will be able to enjoy all their favorite cocktails with no limitations. Watching the game here is an absolute joy. One of the best places in the Corbin City area to do so!


1 Borgata Way, Atlantic City, NJ

Sunroom is probably our favorite tapas bar and lounge in the Corbin City area, and it's a frequent choice for our AC Limousine customers for sure. The ambiance is beyond memorable. They have a gorgeous waterfall that takes up an entire wall, and all the gorgeous plants create such a natural and inviting space. The grilled chicken banh mi is a top choice here and we love the truffle fries and the cheeseburgers. The very berry mojitos and the pineapple express cocktails are so incredibly good. The lobster and bacon omelet is the must-have as far as we're concerned! Wow. Full bar, outdoor seating, and even televisions in case you want to watch the game!

Zip codes in the Corbin City area include: 08270