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The best bars & restaurants in Buena Vista Twp, NJ

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Annata Wine Bar

216 Bellevue Ave, Hammonton, NJ

An elegant and impressive wine bar in the Buena Vista Township area is Annata Wine Bar, and this is without a doubt our top recommendation for our AC Limousine customers. It's beautiful, impressive, and yes, pricey. But if you are smart enough to know that you get what you pay for, then you will want to walk right in and discover all the goodness that awaits you. The Chilean sea bass is incredible and we adore the gnocchi duo. The beef braciole is another favorite and we can't say enough about the pancetta-wrapped pork tenderloin! The wine list is beyond impressive, but the specialty cocktails are noteworthy too. There's nothing not to love about this place!

Franklinville Inn

2526 Delsea Dr, Franklinville, NJ

Franklinville Inn is a steakhouse and seafood restaurant that also comes highly recommended for our AC Limousine customers in the Buena Vista Township area. Like the previous mention, it's pricey but well worth it. The quality of the steaks that you'll be sinking your teeth into here are just out of this world. We definitely recommend the prime rib or the filet. Cannot go wrong there. If you're a seafood lover, try the crab cakes or the crab bisque. Or why not both? The creme brulee is the must-have for dessert. We could never skip it. Save room for it if you have to! There's a full bar and they even offer happy hour pricing. TVs for the big game too!

Henri's "Hotts" Barbeque

1003 Black Horse Pike, Hammonton, NJ

Henri's "Hotts" Barbeque is a classic out here in the Buena Vista Township area and it's a great option when you're headed out with your AC Limousine group and wanting some amazing barbecue and soul food. The flavors here tend to be on the sweet side, including the barbecue sauce and the collard greens, so if you love that, then you're all set. The pulled pork sandwiches are the must-have item for lunch. They've got brisket platters that will absolutely knock your socks off too. The cheesesteaks are pure perfection too, and so easy to pick up a bunch of them for you and your friends in your AC Limousine vehicle. Love this place!

Kura Thai & Sushi

607 E Landis Ave, Vineland, NJ

Kura Thai & Sushi is a spot that AC Limousine has recommended a time or two to our customers in the Buena Vista Township area. It's all about great Thai food, sushi, and seafood. It's a brand new establishment and it's already making a big splash in this community, really impressing everyone with its quality and with its affordable prices too! If you're a sushi lover, try the vineland roll, and if you love Chinese food, opt for the General Tso's chicken. The red snapper Thai special is something that we'd also never hesitate to recommend. One thing's for certain, and that's that everything on that menu is satisfying and memorable. Very highly recommended.

Wildflower Earthly Vegan Fare

501 N High St, Millville, NJ

Finally we come to one of the most tantalizing offerings here in the Buena Vista Township area, and that's Wildflower Earthly Vegan Fare! Everything on the menu is vegan, healthy, flavorful, enticing... we could go on and on. A couple of our favorite things are the hot and spicy buffalo tofu wrap and the sweet potato black bean burger wrap. The strawberry buttercream cupcakes are a must-have for dessert, and we've also got to mention their cookies and power bars! Oh, my! They even have delectable sweet potato pie and cheesecake. This is a family run restaurant and there are fresh items offered every week, so get in there and find out what's new today!

Zip codes in the Buena Vista Twp area include: 08310