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The best bars & restaurants in Brigantine, NJ

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Andre's Wine Bar & Grill

1312 W Brigantine Ave, Brigantine, NJ

Andre's Wine Bar & Grill is a must-visit during your AC Limousine trip in Brigantine, NJ. If you love fine Italian food and impressive wine bars, you'll be really bowled over by everything that they have to offer here. Not overly fancy, in fact quite comfortable and relaxed, and yet everything is of the highest quality. The baked stuffed eggplant in tomato sauce is one of our favorite appetizers and we're just in love with their grilled steaks and seafood dishes for an entree! There's a full bar here and they have noteworthy happy hour prices to help you save a few bucks while you live it up. Lots of space for groups and even outdoor seating! Very nice.

Yuki Hana Restaurant

3628 Atlantic Brigantine Blvd, Brigantine, NJ

Yuki Hana Restaurant is the place to be in Brigantine if you love super fresh seafood, delicious sushi, and tantalizing Chinese and Japanese fare. The beef chow fun is a great choice and we'd also recommend any of the classic sushi rolls, like the tuna roll, the spicy salmon roll, or the spider roll. Lots of rave reviews for that one! Mmm. The Shrek roll is awesome too. We love the fact that it's BYOB here, and that's exceptionally convenient when you've already got some bottles of wine on ice inside your AC Limousine vehicle. The egg foo young is another standout and we can't say enough food things about their sweet and sour pork!

The Cellar 32

3119 Revere Blvd, Brigantine, NJ

The Cellar 32 is a beautiful restaurant and a cozy bar rolled into one. AC Limousine customers take advantage of this space as often as they possibly can. The entrees are absolutely fantastic, and though you'll pay a bit of higher prices for them, we believe that they are worth every cent. It's rumored that they have the best wine selection of any restaurant on the island, and we'd like to vouch for that fact! We're beyond impressed. The margherita pizza is a popular one with groups. There's lovely outdoor seating here, but we love the interior so much, we'd have a hard time not staying inside and soaking up that ambiance. TVs, but no wi-fi.

St. George's Pub

4282 Harbour Beach Blvd, Brigantine, NJ

St. George's Pub is not only one of the very best pubs in the Brigantine area, but it's also one of the greatest places to get some mouth watering seafood! Let's go ahead and just mention a few of our favorite offerings here... It starts with the coconut shrimp that is so flavorful and irresistible... continues with house made potato chips that are so crisp and delicious... we're in love with the cheesesteaks and the creamy crab soup.... and even the simple clam strips are just pure old fashioned seafood goodness! It's a little pricey here but you'll be glad to pay those prices once you get a taste of the quality. Full bar here. No outdoor seating.

Laguna Grill

1400 Ocean Ave, Brigantine, NJ

Laguna Grill is a beautiful place to dine with your AC Limousine group in the Brigantine area. They have an outdoor bar so that you can enjoy your cocktails on the beach, or if you prefer, you can dine inside and escape the summer heat. If you're there during the AM hours, we'd highly recommend the breakfast pizza, which consists of a traditional pizza crust with eggs, cheese, sausage, bacon, and hash browns piled high on it. Dee-lish! They also have western omelets that we absolutely adore. This is also one of the top spots in the area to watch the big game on TV, and the ambiance becomes a bit more "sports bar" at those times. Nice!

Zip codes in the Brigantine area include: 08203