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The best bars & restaurants in Absecon, NJ

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Mariachi's Mexican Restaurant

200 New Jersey Ave, Absecon, NJ

Mariachi's Mexican Restaurant is a wonderfully friendly place to spend your lunch hour or to grab a delicious dinner with your AC Limousine group in the Absecon area. They are so consistent in quality and the service is just out of this world. Some of the best Mexican food we've ever tasted, including the greatest fresh pico de gallo in the world, and the chicken enchiladas with salsa verde are just to die for! Mmm! The beef fajitas are also a must-have, and a nice healthy option for you as well! This isn't a bar spot, no alcohol, no wi-fi, and no TV. Just excellent food!

Hi-Point Pub

5 N Shore Rd, Absecon, NJ

Hi-Point Pub is where you'll want to go with AC Limousine in the Absecon area when you are in the mood for a really good stiff drink and perhaps some yummy pizza too! They are known for the pizza and the cool laid back atmosphere, as well as for the really attentive service. There's zero pretense here, just a great overall dining and drinking experience, just the way that you want it. The steamed clams are a fave and we also love the crab bisque! If you're a seafood lover, this pub slash dive bar is the perfect place to spend your evening with AC Limousine! The nights that we'd recommend checking it out are Monday, Friday, and Saturday.

Mount Fuji Japanese Cuisine

136 White Horse Pike, Absecon, NJ

Japanese fare and sushi are always great options for AC Limousine trips, and if you're headed out into the Absecon area with us, the place that we'd recommend most highly is Mount Fuji Japanese Cuisine. They have a hibachi grill side and a sushi bar side here, so you can choose your ambiance based on what you're after. The hibachi tends to be the party side, with the group tables and everyone living it up while the chefs toss around delicacies on the grills. The sushi bar side is quieter and better for intimate conversation, or even for chatting with the sushi chef! The service is very attentive and the prices are in a very comfortable range.

Black Cat's Kitchen

1 N Shore Rd, Absecon, NJ

Black Cat's Kitchen is an incredible bar and restaurant in the Absecon area that has really captured the attention of AC Limousine customers in recent months. Lots of fresh updates have really upgraded the atmosphere here, and the food is just great. We're big fans of the french dip sandwiches here and we love the pizza too. They've got several good sandwiches for lunch and a lot of entrees that are worth trying at the dinner hour. Super reasonable prices really help to make this a top AC Limousine recommendation! Lots of space for groups plus the convenience of paying with a credit card (not always a guarantee at dive bars!).

Shea's Cafe & Bakery

195 S New York Rd, Absecon, NJ

Our absolute top recommendation for a cozy lunch stop in the Absecon area is Shea's Cafe & Bakery! In fact, not just lunch, but breakfast and brunch too! The steak and eggs is really a treat here, made with filet mignon! Mmm. Talk about a heavenly way to start the day. The eggs benedict with lump crab meat is also a feast that you simply must try! If you're a lover of sweets, the cinnamon swirl pancakes will be right up your alley! Note the limited hours here, just 7-3 daily and on weekends. The only downside is that there's no alcohol here, and we think that some bottomless mimosas would be just perfect alongside those brunch options! Still, we love it!

Zip codes in the Absecon area include: 08201, 08205